How Yoga meditation became popular in the East

Yoga Meditation began in ancient civilizations. It is the process of connecting your body and mind and learning how to hold it. It’s known to be beneficial to the brain as way of positive thinking since it focuses on a single point of awareness. It’s roots travel back to ancient times. It is believed that it originated from the East more than 5,000 years ago. Archeologists excavated stone seals from the Indus valley with artifacts and evidence of Yoga existence on it, as they found figures of people doing different Yoga postures. They also found yogi-like figures engraved on soapstone seals which made them more certain that yoga originated from the East.

The Indian scriptures has shown the different meditation techniques which evolved into a structured practice. Through influential civilization, the sophisticated culture developed around the Indus River in northern India. It is believed that yoga meditation is the product of a mature civilization. It’s well known that India has one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It’s still relevant today as it was during those days. This made it gain popularity in the east. It was based on the collective experiences of people over many years. It is believed that an Indian Sage named Patanjali,he created one of the first comprehensive guides on yogi. He actually defined the practice as different ideas, beliefs and techniques where he outlined the different limbs of yoga. He further confirmed that Raja yoga as one of the limbs focused on meditation. Several countries adopted different forms of meditation. Patanjali is well known as the father of yoga meditation. It’s believed that between 200 BC and 200 AC; he established the guidelines for this science through his book the `Yoga Sutras’. For more than 2,000 years, many people have gained more insight into a wealth of knowledge arising from ancient Vedic scriptures. Thanks to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Other scholars believe that it originated out of Stone Age ‘Shamanism’. It’s primary goal was to heal the members of the society. It was very beneficial for religious mediators. Further,others believed that it began during the period of Sat Yuga which was referred as the golden age in India. It was a time of everlasting peace and blessings to the Indian community. Originally, Yoga meditation focused on understanding the world. Then it stated being passed from teacher to student through oral teaching and practical demonstrations.This made it gain popularity in the east. It originally focused on understanding the world. Later, it changed to be for self-enlightenment as the ultimate goal.

However, today it’s more popular in the West than in the East. This happened thousands of years after it was adopted in the east. It became popular in the west during the mid of 20th century. It was passed down orally and has gone through much evolution. Later in the 1970’s an intensive research was done and the effects of the meditation were done. Surprisingly, there came a multitude of benefits. The history of yoga has changed over the years and has become more modern. This has helped people adapt their lifestyle around this practice. It continues to enrich our lives at whatever level we choose to approach it.


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