Swamis and Yogis and Gurus, oh my! What do these titles mean?

When it comes to yoga meditation, there are important terms that you need to learn, but all you need to do is stick to your meditation. There are a lot of people that are worried about not knowing all these terms that are associated with yoga when they really shouldn’t be. These are just terms, and you need to focus on your training and getting fit as it should be. Terms like swamis, yogis and gurus are just some of the terms that a lot of people are confused with, but you need not worry about that anymore as you will get to learn about these below. You should know that the knowledge of these terms is not that relevant to your training, and you should not lose focus in wanting to know these titles. However, it is [prudent to learn a little bit about yoga since you have decided to take it seriously as a form of not just meditation but also working g out. So, below is an explanation of what a yogi, swami, and a guru are in yoga and what you can expect from each.


This is anyone that is dedicated top the practice of yoga. There is not much into it that is complex, and you can be a yogi if you dedicated yourself to this practice. Therefore, as you have seen, you might be a yogi by now if you have been serious about it for a while. It is imperative that you learn this term so that you are not confused the next time that your teacher calls you out like this. Talking of teachers, the next term is what you should learn as it is imperative.


This is defined as a teacher or guide or an expert in a certain field, and this can be yoga. So, if you have come across someone that is excellent and dedicated to this practice, then that is a guru. However, you will come across few of these across your lifetime as your yoga teacher in your gym is not a guru. In India, this is more than a teacher actually and is more like a guide and someone that you can look to for counsel. He is the source of inspiration in one’s life, and if you ever have anyone like this then they might qualify as a guru, but they will undergo a more rigorous process in India.


This refers to some order that was founded a long time ago to honor those people that have dedicated a lot of their lives to yoga. This is a yogi who has been initiated into what is a monastic religious order that was founded by a particular religious teacher. It is a rare honor, and there are high chances that you might never get to experience it, but you can always try.

Knowing these terms, however, dopes not mean much to you during your meditation as the only thing that you need to focus on is your training. It is however very crucial that you get to learn who these people are so you do not confuse them.


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