Resources: Best books and websites to learn more about yoga meditation

You can deepen your understanding of yoga meditation by reading ancients books and scouring through various websites about this iconic Indian Philosophy. In your spiritual journey, you may come across some Sanskrit terms that can make you wonder on how it applies to modern life. Fortunately, some people have written books and came out with websites on how the basic principles of asana can relate to yoga’s transformation. People in ancient times have also written manuscripts for thousands of years to enable you to understand better on how an awareness of yoga can help you transform your life for the better.

There are two books and websites that are worthy of attention. They are a nice read to curl into one’s bed and learn about the ancient queries on the transformation of man and yoga, to wit:

—Best Books to learn more about yoga meditation

Bhagavad-Gita: A New Translation by Stephen Mitchell

The Bhagavad Gita is the sixth book of the Mahabharata, an Indian epic which tells the tale of a warrior princee, Arjuna , who lost his will to fight his relatives and friends in battle. With the help of his charioteer, the Lord Krishna, he was instructed to act accordingly and surrender the outcome of his acts to his destiny. The Gita is a manual on living – on what to do when faced with no great options.

Stephen Mitchell’s contemporary version is an enlivening read. It is lyrical and inspiring to read about the story of good and evil. Arjuna is an epic character who is so human that you understand his fears, confusion, and his inability to take action right away. But his companion, Lord Krishna, is an able companion who speaks the truth which the reader can see clearly from the heart.

Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by by B K S Iyenga

BKS Iyengar’s translation of the ancient yoga sutras has oftentimes been said to be the bible of yoga. These ancient yoga teachings by Patanjali is one of the most revered holy teaching written about 2,000 years ago. The sutras are short and straight to the point. It consists of one or two lines, which B K S Iyenga translated to make it more understandable to modern readers.

The Sutras teaches about transformation through yoga. It delves on developing the mind, body, and the emotions to uplift the spirituality of man. The sutras are an interesting read since it introduces the reader to deepened spirituality, which is the foundation of yoga.

—Best Websites to learn about yoga meditation

Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique in India, which was taught by the Gotama Buddha as a universal cure for all universal ailments. Vipassana means to see things clearly. What these techniques aims to do is to eliminate all impure thoughts to attain the highest form of happiness through self-transformation.

The transformation focuses on the interrelationship between the mind and the body. The belief is, that through a strict discipline of all physical sensation of the body, can the mind be conditioned to remove all mental impurities. A pure mind is a balanced mind that is full of love and compassion to all life forms.

Isha Yoga means formless divine, with its masthead being the Isha Foundation. The program teaches meditation, pranayama or the control of breath. The prana is the life force and the ayama means control. So Pranayama is the Control of Breath. One other program that is taught is the Shambhavi Mahamudra.The Shambhavi Mudra is otherwise known as the “Eyebrow Gazing Mudra.” It is a technique on eye focusing that stimulates the Third Eye or the invisible eye that allows vision beyond the physical realms of the senses.

The Shambhavi mudra technique came from the ancient sacred texts which yogis believe could heighten a person’s level of insight. The Isha Foundation offers yoga classes to corporate leaders to introduce the concept compassion and inclusiveness in today’s corporate setting.

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